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Last updated: July 24th 2014

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Saturday, July 19, 2014
- European MK64 meet 2014 -
by Zoran at 6:27 am

The 2nd edition of our European MK64 meet will take place in Solingen (Germany) again next week. Here is the complete schedule, including the 6 main tournaments from last year and some additional challenges which could be a lot of fun as well.

You can follow the action here:

...and here:

Local German time (CEST/GMT+2)

July 23rd (Wednesday):

afternoon: Arrival, setup, stream tests
23.07. 20:00 GP 150cc speedruns (nsc: Matthias on stream sc: Zoran on stream)
afterwards: miscellaneous (time trial sessions, SMK exhibitions)

July 24th (Thursday):

afternoon: reserved for outdoor activity
24.07. 20:00 Time Trial 1-try: 1st round (~3 h on 2 TVs)
afterwards: miscellaneous

July 25th (Friday):

afternoon: reserved for outdoor activity or free play, depending on the weather
25.07. 20:00 GOD speedrun (32/32 Gods as fast as possible)
25.07. 23:00 Time Trial 1-try: 1st round (completed by the Dutchmen)
26.07. 01:00 5 min. battles

July 26th (Saturday) - main tournament day:

26.07. 12:00 Time Trial 1-try: Semi-finals and final (~30 min on 2 TVs)
26.07. 13:00 2P-GP-NSC double k.o. (~2,5 h on max. 4 TVs)
26.07. 16:00 2P-GP-SC double k.o. (~2,5 h on max. 4 TVs)
26.07. 18:30 dinner break
26.07. 19:30 4P-battle (~1,5 h on 2-3 TVs)
26.07. 21:30 4P-VS-NSC (~2,5 h on 2 TVs)
27.07. 00:30 4P-VS-SC (~2,5 h on 2 TVs)

July 27th (Sunday):

afternoon: outdoor activity, free play (bonus stream possible), tidying up the house

Information for the participants:

TVs: Matthias (3), Peter (1), Vincent/Maurice (2)
N64s: Matthias (1 PAL, 1 NTSC), Zoran (1 PAL), Greg (1 PAL), Vincent (1 PAL, 1 NTSC), David/Darius (another PAL one needed as replacement)
Stream equipment: Darius (+laptop), David (+webcam)
SNES (requested): Matthias (1 PAL), David/Anna/Michael (additional controllers)

EVERYONE: You should bring your own controller, a bed sheet, towel(s) and a bit additional money for food/drinks

See you in a few days!


Friday, July 18, 2014
- July 1st half - Germany is World Champ! -
by Chraizy at 12:53 pm

Hello guys! I have not much time to write news at such a time, as the final exams are upcoming next week, but I still achieved it somehow so here they are!

New Players

Carson Keenan joined our site with 32 times, debuting at #832.
Scott Campbell joined us with 32 times aswell, just a little bit higher in the ranks. His debut rank is #864.
Jack Cummins joins with only one time on RRd 3lap. He starts his journey at #959.
Trent Morgan (joins SC) sent us WS dual and RRd flap times. He is trying new territory, and starts at #358.

World Records


There are 2 new World Records.

Matthias Rustemeyer got beat by Daniel on FS flap, but he didn't want to lose this WR, so he decided to try the flap again after his PAL return. The new PAL World Record is 38"53 (NTSC: 32"04)!
But Daniel Burbank tried his hands on the flap aswell and was able to cut even more from the old time, making a sub look possible in NTSC. The new NTSC and overall WR is 32"03 (PAL: 38"51)!!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer improved his FS flap, but wasn't able to hold it, so he loses 0.03 AF points and one of the many WRs he held.
#4 (4) Zoran Tintor improved his KD 3lap by a huge margin for his level and cut almost 0"4 seconds off his old time! He passed 2 players and is only 0.5 AF points away from the podium.
#10 (10) Greg Ihnatenko improved on KD 3lap, but the flap aswell. Both are new TOP10s for him and made him cut 0.15 AF points. Sub 11 AF isn't too far away and probably reachable if he keeps up playing in the next weeks!
#14 (14) Daniel Burbank got, apart from his FS flap WR 9 other PRs! Mainly in Star and Special Cup he managed to cut many AF points. His YV flap is even a new TOP10, ranked 8th. He cut 1.4 points, but didn't pass a player, as the gap is really huge. Still, he lowered it to 1.7, which seems way more reachable. Keep it up!
#44 (43) Beck Abney improved 2 PRs. One came on KD flap, where he cut 6 ranks and the other one was on BC 3lap, where he passed 17 players. In AF he passed one player and is on course to reach the TOP40.
#71 (78) Michael Arends played some WS and improved both PRs here. With a nice cut of 2.8 points he was able to pass 3 players and reach the TOP80. Well done!
#116 (114) Dan Tarr also got a double improvement, but on KD. He cut a lot of ranks with those 2 PRs and got a new Legend time on the flap! Dan passed 3 players.
Right behind we have #117 (115) Lachlan Young, who is one of those passed players and lost a spot, even though he PRed on MR 3lap. the 3lap went down to sub 1'30, which is also a new TOP100 for him and only 0"3 away from the GOD time!
#242 (246) Trent Morgan got a double PR on TT and passed 1 player with a 0.5 AF point cut.
#302 (303) Ryan Dunlap sent us 22 PRs this half, which are mostly ranked around #250 - #300. Ryan passed 37 players with a big 35 AF point cut! In ARR he left the Master standards and is now an Elite D player!
#371 (377) Anna Moon improved many of her old Semi-Pro times and reached Pro on most of them. She even got the Master standard in WS flap! Anna passed 15 players and is on a good way to reach the Master ranks!
#487 (500) Rick Kwasnik improved 10 times and beat some of his Expert times and got some new Semi-Pro ones. In ARR he is really close to the next rank promotion, almost leaving the Expert ranks! In AF he passed 18 players and reached the TOP500!
#864 (649) Paul Fisher played YV and sent us missing times from there. Both are directly ranked 85th and 81st. Both are Legend times, and they helped him to cut 47 AF points! That makes him pass 61 players and easily reach the TOP700!

SC Movement

The highest active player was #2 (2) Greg Ihnatenko, who scored a new KD flap which cut 0"12 seconds and gained him one rank.
#11 (11) Jake Walter played KD, YV and RRd 3laps and improved a few ARR points. In AF he wasn't able to cut any points, as #29 (29) Beck Abney just raged through some courses and beat a few of his times. With 9 strong PRs he achieved 2 new TOP20s and even 2 TOP10s on KD! Beck passed 3 players and also reached the Legend D standard!
#129 (118) Paul Fisher reached the RRd 3lap GOD and also gained 4 other PRs. In total he cut 5.1 AF points and passed 12 players. He's on a good way to reach the TOP100 if he keeps this PR spree on!
#190 (166) Daniel Burbank added 5 times to his SC timeset, and just got a new GOD on RRd 3lap! He cut 38 AF points and was able to pass 80 players and easily reach the TOP200! Dan still got no rank in ARR, but that should change soon, as those RRd PRs are pretty sick.
#314 (306) Rick Kwasnik PRed on FS flap and passed a single person in the AF charts.

That's it guys! Join me next time for some more action!


Thursday, July 03, 2014
- June 2nd half - World Cup goes into the hot phase, and so does the Karter Cintest! Who will win? -
by Chraizy at 9:32 am

Hey guys! It's Chris, and I am once again here to present you some awesome news! With the World Cup many people spend their time with watching football, and you see it here aswell, as the activity slowed down a bit. However, we still got a few players that kept being strong and sent us some PRs!

World Records

No new WRs...

Non-SC Movement

#10 (10) Greg Ihnatenko was the highest active player in this half. With 3 superb PRs on KD and RRd dual he was able to cut 0.18 AF points. His RRd 3lap is now a TOP3 time! He said his nerves would normally destroy the 3rd lap, but he kept them together and pulled of this monster. Well done!
#14 (14) Daniel Burbank played KD and YV 3laps. Those 3 PRs helped him to cut 0.43 AF points and come closer to Jeff and the 13th spot. Dan needs to cut more than 3 points though to reach him, so 3 or 4 PRs won't be enough for now.
#44 (44) Beck Abney is on his way to the TOP30 with his newest 12 PRs. He passed 6 players with a 3.3 AF points cut. He reached 4 new GOD times and has also reached half of all non-sc GOD times! Well done!
#81 (78) Stefan Kok sent us 18 new records this half and passed 10 players with a 7.6 AF point cut. He got his second non-sc GOD this time on RRy flap.
#76 (81) Michael Arends sent us another improvement for YV 3lap. It's now subbed the PAL 1'44"5 mark and is ranked 26th. Michael lost a spot in the AF ranks though because of Stefans PRs.
#112 (110) Dan Edeen got a new PR on RRy flap and reached the Legend D rank. It's a new Legend time and brings him very close to become a Legend player. Keep it up!
#116 (114) Lachlan Young played some LR this half and scored 2 PRs. The cuts weren't very big, but you can gain a lot of spots even with little cuts on this course. He passed 1 player with a 0.9 AF point cut and is also on his way to become a Legend player.
#158 (155) Patrick Loseth got 7 PRs, 4 of them being new Legend times. His RRy flap time is pretty strong and almost a GOD time. With all PRs he cut 10.4 AF points and passed 11 players, coming closer to the TOP150.
#231 (236) Jacob Mcmillin got 5 new records on MMF and MR flaps, YV dual and RRd 3lap. He reached a few nice King times and came closer to the Elite A rank. He passed 2 players with a nice 3.8 AF points cut.
#242 (247) Trent Morgan improved 15 PRs and passed 24 players this half! He also reached the TOP250, and on top of that he became the newest Elite B player!
#303 (307) Julian Utz improved 13 PRs and got a 33 AF points cut. He passed 37 players with a big 23 AF points cut. He also reached the Elite F standard in the progress.
#350 (357) Rob Schwarb got 8 PRs and got many of his times into the TOP400 with this update. He passed 21 players and achieved a 20.7 AF points cut.
#458 (460) Michael Kwasnik got 19 new PRs ranked from 420th to 550th. He cut 60 AF points and passed 71 players and easily reached the TOP500!
#462 (469) Lewis Richards got 8 PRs. He improved a bit more on his YV times and his 3lap is now ranked in the TOP200 aswell. His flap went down a bit more into the TOP150. In total he cut 16 AF points and passed 24 players.
#883 (710) Paul Fisher sent us 2 times for MR and improved his RRd times. All of them are ranked around 160th, and he cut a huge amount of AF, 48 points to be exact. Paul passed 60 players and is close to reach the TOP700, with an incomplete timesheet though.

SC Movement

#11 (11) Jake Walter was the highest active player this half. With 2 improvements on DK and YV 3laps he made a decent 0.3 AF cut and closed in to Michael and the TOP10 even more.
#134 (130) Paul Fisher got 4 new records on WS and RRd dual. 3 of the times are TOP50, his WS times are even TOP25! He cut 17.4 points and passed 16 players with it!
#164 (166) Jacob Mcmillin improved both MR and RRd flap. All of them dropped around 30 ranks and helped him to cut 4.7 AF points to pass 5 players.
A few spots above we have #186 (173) Rob Schwarb who sent us a dual improvement of DK. He passed 11 players and got a new Elite A time on the flap!
#337 (354) Michael Kwasnik sent us 2 times for FS and debuted in the TOP280 in both of them. He passed 60 players with those PRs and cut 6.6 AF points.

That's it! Let's see who will win those events in the meantime. Happy Karting and happy watching!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014
- June 1st half - It's World Cup time! Spain seems... to be not thaaat great this time! -
by Chraizy at 3:19 pm

Hey guys! Chris here with some fresh news! Sorry that I am a bit late, but I had a bit stuff to get rid off, but now I am ready again for your activity! Let's see what happened...

New Players

No new players...

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer improved the FS flap WR from Daniel this half. He imrproved it by 0"02 seconds, now standing at a 32"07 (PAL: 38"56)!


In SC, we had Vincent Tolhuis tying the LR lap world record from Steven. He got a 21"70 (PAL: 26"09), which is a new NTSC WR tie!
He got a few more: he improved, like Matthias, a WR on FS, the 3lap to be exact which is only 0"01 behind the overall WR! The new time is a 21"52 (PAL: 25"88)!
The next time was on WS flap: the new time beats the old WR by 0"03, which was held by Karlo, it is a 2'09 (PAL: 2"51)!
And the last one was on DK 3lap NTSC: He improved again one of Karlos old WRs and is now holding it with a 19"41 (PAL: 23"34)!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Time Trial Champion Matthias Rustemeyer improved his FS flap and gained a WR back. He is now at 1.125 AF points again.
#10 (10) Greg Ihnatenko improved his RRd 3lap and barely missed the sub. He cut 4 ranks and is now at an AF of 11.5.
#16 (14) Daniel Burbank improved KTB, MR and BC 3laps. The cuts weren't that big, but he got a new #7 on MR! He cut 0.3 AF points and closed the gap to Jeff.
#50 (50) Beck Abney improved his DKJP 3lap to a Legend A time. With that rank promotion he also did the jump to the overall Legend A! In AF he maintained his rank, but is very close to italian champ Nicola Torre.
#77 (80) Michael Arends improved YV and RR dual. His YV improves more and more into a really great level, as he got two TOP30 times! His RRd 3lap is a new GOD time, and the flap went down to Legend C. Will Michael be a player to become the next GOD player?
#113 (111) Dan Edeen improved 11 PRs, all of them are ranked inbetween 100 and 150. He got 5 new Legend times ans barely missed the jump to the next Legend player. In AF he passed 13 players and is exactly one point behind Pier-Yves Lemire.
#135 (133) Christopher Zartler got 10 new records, two of them are new Legends on RRy. He passed 17 players with a 11.7 AF point cut, and additionally reached the King B rank!
#168 (166) Patrick Loseth got 2 new YV PRs which easily went into the TOP100! Both are ranked 60th and 65th and Legend C and Legend A, so the flap is pretty close to GOD! Patrick passed 7 players with those 2 PRs alone, with a big 5.9 AF point cut.
#234 (238) Jacob Mcmillin got a single PR on YV flap and maintained his rank.
#286 (290) Steve Schlachter improved 6 PRs and passed 4 players with a 6 AF cut.
#370 (378) Rob Schwarb got 6 PRs aswell and got some nice Elite times. He left the Pro D ranks and instantly joined the Pro A players! In AF he passed 37 players and is now a member of the TOP400!
#388 (392) Anna Moon improved FS dual and passed 5 players. She got a nice Master F time here and erased one of her remaining Semi-Pro times.
#484 (493) Lewis Richards got 20 new records and is getting better every time. He got some really nice improvements, for example on BB where he got a dual TOP350! Lewis passed 83 players and is the newest TOP500 member!
#891 (770) Paul Fisher sent us RRd times where he had no time yet and instantly landed on 267th and 273rd. Both are Elite times. If Paul finishes his timeset he could definitely be a high TOP200 player!

SC Movement

# (11) Jake Walter improved CM flap and RRd 3laps. He cut 0.3 AF points and is dangerously close to the TOP10.
# (32) Beck Abney played LR and MR flaps. His LR flap went down to #18 and MR is now ranked 42nd. He cut exactly one AF point but still faces a big gap until he reaches Sami Cetin, the former SMK PAL World Champion.
# (146) Paul Fisher improved his YV flap and passed 2 players with that new TOP100 time.
# (246) Daniel Burbank improved his RRd flap and passed one player. It went into the TOP100 and is now ranked King C.
# (279) Lewis Richards played RRd aswell and got a nice cut of almost 80 ranks. He passed 22 players and is now a member of the TOP300!

Thanks for reading! Cya guys next time!


Wednesday, June 04, 2014
- May 2014 POW awards -
by Zoran at 5:45 am

As you saw from the recent news update, last month was an active one on MK64. Here are the POW awards for May:

Week 1
After a great last week in April, Lachlan Young continues to climb the ranks in May. This week he passed 11 people with 6.5 AF cut.

Week 2
Beck Abney was the best player this week. He improved 11 PRs and came very close to top 50 and LEG A.

Week 3
A little slower week on non-sc, but that didn't stop Zoran Tintor to make some nice SC cuts. With a new WS SC 3lap WR and 3 more PRs, he cut 13% of his SC AF and passed Karlo for 3rd.

Week 4
This was a very strong week for Julian Utz who wins his 1st POW award. With 22 new PRs Julian cut more then 18% of his AF.

He maybe started May in the lower part of the ranks, but he proved he can go high. Julian Utz improved almost all of his non-sc PRs cutting 37% AF and passing 210 people in the process. He also improved 13 SC PRs.

This is all for May, next time June and 2nd quarter will be awarded.

Monday, June 02, 2014
- May 2nd half - something tells me Mario Kart 8 is better than MKWii and MK7 together. -
by Chraizy at 1:18 pm

Hey guys! Chris here with some fresh news! With Mario Kart 8 released since friday we got the 8th (inofficially 10th) member of the Mario Kart series! HYYYYPE! BUT! Of course MK64 is still the favorite for many of you. I want to thank every PR supporting member, it's a pleasure to see such an activity for such an old game. Keep it up guys!

New Players

Rob Schwarb joined the site with a complete timeset at #415. SC: #184.
Mathias Haugvik sent us a full timeset aswell and debuted at #781.
Declan Haines sent us times for LR, TT and YV dual and debuted with 6 records at #955.
Marcus Whitley joined the SC site of MK64 with 9 times and debuted at #192.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer got 2 new WRs. One of them was another overall WR in NTSC! The NTSC Wr tally increases lately! The first one came on FS 3lap, which was an improvement of his old time by 0"09 seconds: The new time is a 1'40"29 (PAL: 2'00"59)!
The second WR came on KD 3lap, which is a NTSC WR. The new time is a 1'44"38 (PAL: 2'05"51)!

But Daniel Burbank got something to say this month aswell! A really great achievment in my eyes, especially now with such strong WRs, Daniel was able to pull of the impossible (almost): he got the FS flap overall WR! It's an improvement of 0"01 to Matthias' old WR from a few weeks before. The new WR is 32"09 (PAL: 38"59)!!

And another one: this time it's a PAL WR by William Lacey. William surprised us with a really nice sub on his favorite track DKJP. The new WR is a 2'12"99 (NTSC: 1'50"60)!!


Zoran Tintor improved a WR this month which was held by VAJ before. It was on WS 3lap SC, where he improved the old time by 0"1 seconds to a 0'14"77 (NTSC: 12"28)!!

But Vincent Tolhuis improved the WS SC aswell. On the NTSC side, though. With a nice improvement of the previous WR from Karlo he did a really great 12"41 (PAL: 14"92)!!

Non-SC Movement

#5 (6) William Lacey was the highest active person this time. He played some FS and DKJP. On DK he didn't gain positions as he already held the WR, but on FS he improved 3 ranks. His AF stands now at 7.5, only 0.4 behind Jamie! WIll William go for it?
#10 (10) Greg Ihnatenko improved 3 PRs and tied Lacey on FS, where he improved 12 ranks! Greg cut 0.4 AF points with a dual FS and BB 3lap improvement. Marcelo is still a bit away, but nothing he couldn't get!
#13 (13) Jeffrey Gutierrez is back into the game! He improved his MMF 3lap by almost half a second and cut 12 ranks on the chart. He cut 0.3 AF points and closed the gap to Trystan for the 12th rank.
#17 (14) Daniel Burbank again shows some amazing skills, yet with his very first overall WR! FS is by far his best course, with a 2nd 3lap and the 1st ranked flap. Apart from that Daniel got PRs on WS, RRy and SL 3laps, not very big cuts, but they helped him to gain 0.6 AF points and pass 4 players! One of them was #15 (18) Alex Griessing, who is just about to do a comeback. With a new MMF 3lap he showed us that he can still PR. Unfortunately because of Jeffrey he lost a rank.
#50 (50) Beck Abney is slowing down activity a bit, but still got 14 new records. 3.1 AF points were cut, which helped him to pass 2 players. He also got a new GOD for his collection: the RRy 3lap, which takes a bit patience as it's one of the longer courses. Well done!
#80 (82) Michael Arends improved both of his DK times again and got a stunning #11 time on the 3laps! It's a sub 2'15 and pretty high ranked for his rank. Michael passed no one, but he cut 0.7 AF points.
#97 (96) Sean Sullivan played FS and got dual PRs here. The 3lap is a new TOP100 time for him, the flap almost made it into the TOP100 aswell. Sean improved 0.35 AF points, but still needs a few points to pass the next player, Brett Edwards.
#115 (114) Lachlan Young improved 6 PRs, 5 of them are new Legend times. Lachlan is coming close to the Legend ranks, as he now got promoted to the newest King A player! Lachlan passed 7 players with a 7.4 AF cut.
#118 (117) Dan Tarr improved both of his BC times and made a huge jump from both Elite to King A and Legend F! Both of them are ranked almost TOP100 aswell, coming from ~230th. Dan passed 6 players with a nice 7.5 AF cut.
The other Dan, #125 (124) Dan Edeen got 10 new records and is close to Dan. Both of them have some potential and could be great rivals in the future. Dan passed 9 players with a 10.1 AF points cut and almost got the rank promotion to King A. He also reached 3 new Legend times!
#147 (150) Christopher Zartler improved 12 PRs this half and passed 11 players with a nice 10.3 AF points cut. He got a new Legend time on KD flap and is slowly getting close to TOP100 times!
#270 (273) Marcus Whitley improved almost his entire timesheet except for BB flap. He made a huge jump from #349 and passed 76 players to join the TOP300! His ARR has improved to Elite C aswell, making him the newest Elite player. He also got a few really nice times close to the TOP200!
#290 (294) Steve Schlachter got 12 new PRs to report this half and made nice progress. Those PRs resulted in a 23 AF points cut and made him pass 19 players to join the TOP300 aswell.
#338 (344) Julian Utz got 22 new records. His timeset is really balanced, almost no time is more than 60 ranks away from his AF rank. Julian passed 77 players with an enormous 80 AF points cut! He also reached the Master B standard in the progress. If he keeps it up he can easily get into the Elite ranks!
#380 (377) Nathan Truchan got 23 PRs, which also resulted in a pretty big AF improvement, though not as big as Julians jump. Nathan passed 59 people and is a member of the TOP400 now! He got some pretty decent times close to the TOP250, which is nice for his rank!
#420 (426) Tony Fan sent us 10 PRs this half, mainly improving some of his weaker times. He passed 25 people with a 34 AF points cut and also became the newest Pro player! Tony is on a good way to reach the TOP400, so a similar cut like this half should boost him up there!
#426 (436) Andreas Poll sent us 20 new records on all cups. He seems to struggle with MMF as this is not one of his best times so far. MMF can be a pain, but patience and maybe another strat can help you to reach way better times!
#561 (576) Lewis Richards improved 3 PRs on YV flap and BB dual. His YV went down even more to a King B rank, which is another 20 ranks cut for this lap! His BB times went from the low 700s into the mid 400s, which is a nice result so far. Lewis passed 23 people with those 3 PRs alone, as he got a pretty nice 19 AF points cut!
#657 (717) Taylor Fankhauser improved his complete timesheet and boosted himself 107 ranks upwards in the ladder! That's a good step for now, but he got more potential. His LR times are currently the strongest, rank and standard wise. Taylor also reached the Intermediate B status this half!
#670 (742) Stephen De Winter improved both of his BC times with a nice 4 seconds improvement on the 3lap! He passed 3 players with a 1.9 AF points cut.

SC Movement

#3 (3) Zoran Tintor got a few more PRs except of his WS 3lap. He raced new RRy dual and YV 3laps. All of them helped him to reach a 0.55 AF cut and pass Karlo for the 3rd spot! Well done!
#11 (11) Jake Walter continues his quest in SC to reach the TOP10 and is closer than ever with 2 new times on MR and DK 3laps. DK was a new Legend time. Both PRs made him cut 0.7 AF points, making the gap even tighter to Michael Fried. I wonder if Michael will ever try his hands on MK64 again? Would be great to see...
#33 (32) Beck Abney improved 10 records this half and passed 10 players with a 10.6 AF points cut. Beck got a few really nice times, others still can be improved. He reached the Legend F status though, making him one of the few people who achieved it!
#141 (142) Julian Utz sent us 9 new records, with a few little cuts, and a few really big cuts. Especially his DK 3lap went down a lot, now ranked 46th and is a King D time! He passed 28 players with a nice 19.2 AF cut.
#207 (191) Andrew Koltz sent us a single PR for WS flap and made a nice cut of 2.6 seconds here! He passed 11 people and got a 6.5 AF cut alone with this!
#243 (255) Bobby Yu sent us 3 times for WS 3lap and YV dual. They got him a nice 4.7 AF cut and he passed 24 players.
#302 (294) Lachlan Young sent us 2 flap PRs on RRy and DK. Both are new King times ranked 86th and 95th. Lachlan passed 78 players and reached the TOP300 of SC!

Well that's it for now! Hope to see you guys active next time again ;)!


Saturday, May 17, 2014
- April 2nd half and May 1st half - Exams: over. Karting: Begins again. -
by Chraizy at 11:21 am

Hey guys! It's Chris and I am officially done with exams! So it's finally time for a news update. Again, we had many new NTSC WRs, and many active players. Let's see...

New Players

Lachlan Young joined the SC side with a FS flap and debuted at #372.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer got a few more NTSC world records in the last month! I'll make a list again, as he got many new times!

Luigi Raceway 3lap: 1'38"38 (PAL: 1'58"29)
Luigi Raceway flap: 31"32 (PAL: 37"66)
Koopa Troopa Beach flap: 25"73 (PAL: 30"94)
Frappe Snowland 3lap: 1'40"59 (PAL: 2'00"95)
Sherbet Land flap: 31"65 (PAL: 38"06)
Royal Raceway 3lap: 2'23"28 (PAL: 2'52"28)
Bowser Castle 3lap: 1'50"85 (PAL: 2'13"29)
Rainbow Road flap: 1'37"54 (PAL: 1'57"28)

And a new overall NTSC WR by Matthias on Frappe Snowland flap: 32"10 (PAL: 38"60)!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer was, even though he only played NTSC, still active overall, as he improved his own FS PAL flap by 0"01 seconds and broke the tie between him and VAJ here!
#2 (2) Michael Jongerius is back, even though only for a short PR on MMF. He improved his 3lap to sub 1'27 and is now ranked 3rd here. He cut 0.03 points here and distanced himself from VAJ a bit.
#4 (4) Zoran Tintor set 3 new PRs this month on YV dual and BB 3lap. All 3 are ranked 3rd and he cut exactly 0.25 AF points with it. Zoran is pretty close to VAJ, only 0.6 AF points seperate them! Will he be able to get a spot on the podium?
#6 (6) William Lacey got a new PR on MR 3lap (not SC this time ;D) and cut 0"13 seconds from it. He passed 2 people on the chart and is now 4th here.
#10 (10) Greg Ihnatenko finally reached the TOP10 in AF aswell! With 4 new PRs on MMF dual, YV flap and BB 3lap he cut 0.75 AF points, which was enough to kick Daniel Lunczer out of the TOP10. Greg got 2 new TOP10s and almost subbed 12 AF points, but to the 9th spot he'd need to cut 2.5 AF which is massive.
Surprising return by #15 (17) Alex Griessing! He reported us 2 new KTB times ranked 17th and 18th, which was just enough to hold #19 (18) Daniel Burbank away from passing him. Daniel got 9 new records, mainly on Special Cup and cut 2 AF points. He missed Alex by 0.125 points, but if he keeps it up he can do it by the end of the month!
#52 (52) Beck Abney improved 21 times this month, 2 of them are new GODs on KD 3lap and DK flap. He got many new TOP50s and improved many of them into the Legend B/A range. Beck passed 12 people with a 12.1 AF points cut and improved his ARR from Leg C to Leg B!
#67 (68) Noah Gordon improved 4 times on TT and SL 3laps and BB dual. The TT 3lap was a new TOP100 and Legend time and his BB flap was a new Legend A, close to GOD. Noah passed one player this month and is 0.3 ARR points away from a rank promotion.
#82 (80) David Moll improved his DK flap by a tenth and hit the GOD time here. It's his third GOD time so far, but he can definitely get some more!
#81 (82) Michael Arends made a pretty huge cut with only 3 PRs! He was able to hit the double GOD on DK and another nice cut on FS 3lap. His DK times alone cut him 10.5 AF points! Michael passed 13 people and has now the Legend D rank!
#97 (96) Sean Sullivan improved 5 times on FS and BC dual and RR flap. His BC times became new TOP100 times and he got 2 new Legend times aswell. Sean passed 2 players with a 2.8 AF points cut.
#122 (121) Lachlan Young got 24 new PRs this month with many new Legend times. Lachlan passed 44 people with a pretty big 40 AF points cut. Lachlan also reached the King B status this month!
#123 (123) Dan Tarr improved both CM times and made some massive cuts here. The 3lap went from #222 to #91, and his flap went from #195 to #55 (!). Those PRs helped him to cut 7.8 AF points and pass 5 players.
#136 (135) Dan Edeen improved a single PR. It was FS 3lap, which he improved by ~0.2 seconds.
#158 (161) Christopher Zartler improved 9 PRs this month mainly on Mush and Star Cups. He got many new TOP200s and 4 new King times. Chris cut 8.5 AF points and passed 10 players.
#175 (173) Patrick Loseth improved 5 PRs on WS flap, SL and BC dual. His BC times look sharp and cut a lot of AF, and the rest was pretty nice aswell. Patrick cut 12.2 AF points and passed 15 people in the progress to become the newest TOP175 member! Way to go Patrick, you became a lot better since the meeting, keep it up and you'll soon be one of those Legend players!
#269 (271) Trent Morgan improved 4 PRs on KD dual, FS 3lap and BB flap. All of them except BB are now well into the TOP250, which boosted his AF by a bit: 5.3 points to be exact. He passed 2 players and needs 4 more AF points to reach the next spot.
Not far behind we have #272 (274) Dave Phaneuf improved 3 PRs and cut only a small amount of AF, as he got beaten by a few people. He still maintains his rank for now.
#337 (338) Ryan Dunlap got 2 PRs on WS and MR 3laps. He cut not too much, but it helped him to pass 4 players.
#341 (347) Corey Attard made 2 double PRs on WS and SL. He cut 6.5 AF points with it and passed 6 players to reach the TOP350!
#385 (383) Ben Hart got 24 new records this month, with many big improvements from out of the TOP500 into the TOP300 range! Ben passed 105 players with a massive 105 AF points cut! He also became a brand new Pro C player in the progress!
#422 (421) Julian Utz got 25 new records and made an even bigger cut of 131 AF points! He passed 140 players and is easily on his way to the TOP400 with already promising times. His best PRs were on DK, were he got double King times ranked 166th and 143rd! Way to go!
#440 (451) Tony Fan improved his RRy flap and YV dual. His RRy flap went down by 14 more ranks into the TOP150 and his YV times went into the TOP400 and are both Pro times. Tony also reached the Semi-Pro C standard!
#577 (599) Lewis Richards got 8 new records this month, including a very nice YV flap. He worked really hard for it and showed his progress on the Message Board. You can see: he worked hard for this time, and several people like Michael Fried gave him useful tips. In the end he landed on rank #177 here and reached his first King standard at King C! Lewis cut 60 AF points in total and passed 73 people!
#633 (692) Sam Smith improved both WS times into the TOP600 and passed 2 players.

SC Movement

Mario Kart 64 Shortcut Time Trial Champ Vincent Tolhuis tried his hands on the CM SC again. He improved his PR by almost a second, but still remains at the 3rd spot here.
#4 (4) Zoran Tintor improved his YV flap by 0"08 seconds and gained a new TOP10 time.
A nice comeback from #5 (5) Alex Griessing in SC aswell, as he got a new KD flap which only cut one spot, but gained him 0.05 AF points though.
#11 (11) Jake Walter got 6 new PRs of which 2 are new GOD times! Jake is really on fire and is very close to reach his first TOP10 ranking in MK64. This month Jake cut 2.2 AF points to pass 3 players and improved his ARR by a few points.
#18 (18) Matthew Little got a single new PR on LR 3lap and improved his time to Legend B here. He cut 0.4 AF points with it and passed Maurice for a #1x spot!
#40 (42) Beck Abney is also on fire, with a mass of 12 new PRs he just seems to be unstoppable. 4 new Legend times were reached, and he will probably gain many more soon. Beck passed 13 people with a massive 11.2 AF cut. In ARR he was able to leave the King C standard, surpass King B and land directly at King A!
#71 (69) Michael Arends tried some WS this month and was successfully getting new times, even a new TOP100 in the 3lap. He cut 3.4 AF points and passed 3 poeple to join the TOP70!
#159 (170) Julian Utz sent us 8 new PRs, of which many are new TOP200s. Julian was able to cut 14.3 AF points and pass 29 poeple.
#290 (299) Lewis Richards got 2 new PRs and added 2 times to his timesheet for YV SC. He passed 45 people and is now the newest TOP300 member!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014
- April 2014 POWs -
by Zoran at 6:12 am

Everything on the site is finally up to date so i decided not to wait too long for previous month awards:

Week 1
Some very nice improvements this week by Daniel Burbank. He drove 7 new PRs and cut a little more then 7% of his AF.

Week 2
Daniel Burbank became 17th non-sc GOD this week. With 2 missing GODs Daniel improved 5 more PRs. Most impressive of all was his 1st top 3 time on FS 3lap.

Week 3
Beck Abney continues with great improvements this year. He gained 8 places on SC with 6 new PRs. On non-sc Beck improved almost half of his PRs.

Week 4
This was a great week for Lachlan Young . He wins his 1st POW award with 8 new PRs which brought him 8% AF cut and 14 place climb up the ranks.

Once again this year Beck Abney showed us he is destined for greatness. With 25 non-sc and 11 new SC PRs Beck cut 20% of his UNI AF passing 19 people on the 1st and 13 people on the 2nd ranks.

This is all for April, hopefully all updates will be done as quick as this one in the future.

Monday, April 28, 2014
- POW awards - 1st quarter 2014 -
by Zoran at 6:47 am

With all this new updates Lacey did on our site i just had to do my part. Activity didn't slow down in 2014. We had some very nice improvements already, let's see the best of them starting with January:

Week 1
Best player in the 1st week of 2014 was Zoran Tintor. With 4 new PRs and 9% AF cut Zoran showed he is interested in improving his ranks this year.

Week 2
Insane week by Beck Abney.He decided to improve ALL 54 PRs this week cutting 20% of his SC AF and almost 9% on non-sc.

Week 3
Beck Abney had another great week. This time he improved "just" 10 SC PRs with 32 on non-sc. His non-sc AF cut was 12.5% and with it Beck passed 23 people.

Week 4
For the 3rd week in a row Beck Abney improved all 32 non-sc PRs, this has to be a record. This time he cut 18% AF passing 33 people. Beck also added 8 SC PRs to all that.

There is no question about who won this POW. It can only be Beck Abney who improved 35% of his UNI AF passing 78 people on non-sc and 45 on SC.


Week 1
Greg Ihnatenko achieved a dream of every SCer - he found a new Shortcut. Greg discovered this SC on CM which is the 1st new SC after 10 years. Of course, he also drove a new WR on CM SC lap.

Week 2
Beck Abney continues to fly over the ranks. With 26 new PRs he entered top 100 and achieved a Legend rank. Most impressive of all was his MF 3lap time now at #37.

Week 3
Looks like you need 32 PRs these days to win a POw and that is just what Chris Porter did. He passed 72 people with 22% AF cut.

Week 4
Some nice improvements in the shortest "week" of the year for Beck Abney. He cut 7% AF and passed 10 people.

Not as great as last month, but improvements Beck Abney made this month were more then enough for another POM. Once again Beck improved all of his non-sc PRs and by passing 38 people entered top 100. He also got his first 4 non-sc GOD times and drove 13 new SC PRs.


Week 1
There were some big SC battles this week and the winner was Mark Jones. Mark cut 12.5 AF and climbed from 25th to 20th place. He also got 2 top 10 times.

Week 2
Best player this week was Chris Porter. Chris improved almost a half of his PRs and passed 25 people.

Week 3
Jake Walter made sure to keep the SC battle alive. With 6 new PRs he moved into top 20.

Week 4
Shortcut champ Vincent Tolhuis gets his 1st SC WR this week. He did it on RRd lap with a tie.

Most activity this month happened on the shortcuts. There was a big battle between 4 players and a race to top 20. Winner of that race and this POM is Mark Jones who climbed from 25th to 17th place with 21% SC AF cut.

This was one of the strongest quarters from a player i have ever seen. Improvements like this are made in 1 year time, doing it in 1 quarter is crazy!!! Beck Abney improved 54 PRs and he made a 62% non-sc AF cut and 45% SC AF cut. This allowed him to climb from 198th to 74th place on non-sc and 113th to 57th place on SC side. In total Beck cut 55% of his UNI AF just this quarter.

April will be done sooner then you think :).

Friday, April 18, 2014
- April first half - aaaaaand another one! -
by Chraizy at 4:33 am

Hey guys! Chris here. First of all a little announcement:

The next news update will be at the 17th May!

I don't have the time to write news as I have upcoming finals and my time is fully consumed by learning. Writing the news today already cost me a bit, but today is holiday so I got a bit spare time. Well, let's move on to the news:

We got a lot of activity again this half, and our 17th non-sc overall GOD: DANIEL BURBANK! With achieving LR and TT 3lap as his last missing GODs he joined the godly club!

New Players

No new players...

World Records


NTSC WR Madness! Two players hit WRs this half.

The first was Daniel Burbank, who just improved his FS 3lap even more to the long awaited (PAL) sub and his very first and highest ranked #3 time. The time he set is a 1'40"60 (PAL: 2'00"96)!

Matthias Rustemeyer switched to the NTSC side end of March. He set a lot of new WRs, I will not go into detail as it would take me too much time which is limited currently for me.. sorry!

LR 3lap: 1'38"45 (PAL: 1'58"38)
KTB 3lap: 1'19"71 (PAL: 1'35"84)
TT 3lap: 2'29"12 (PAL: 2'59"30)
MR 3lap: 1'13"30 (PAL: 1'28"14)
WS 3lap: 3'38"82 (PAL: 4'23"11)
SL 3lap: 1'36"84 (PAL: 1'56"44)
BB 3lap: 1'43"94 (PAL: 2'04"98
RRd 3lap: 4'55"14 (PAL: 5'54"88)
KD flap: 32"58 (PAL: 39"17)
TT flap: 49"14 (PAL: 59"09)
WS flap: 1'12"10 (PAL: 1'26"69)
YV flap: 26"17 (PAL: 31"47)
BB flap: 34"07 (PAL: 40"97)

Non-SC Movement

The highest active member this half was #4 (4) Zoran Tintor. He showed us some really crazy potential on BC, but sadly he wasn't able to pull off 3 of those killer laps in one run. He still got a nice cut on the 3lap and a 2 ranks cut on the flap, leading to a little 0.06 AF cut.
#10 (11) Greg Ihnatenko improved his RRy flap time by 0"01 seconds and reached the TOP10 on this chart.
#20 (19) Daniel Burbank is in the spotlight of the news once more: only 2 years ago we had another Daniel (Lunczer), who was able to get all of the non-sc GODs. Now he is following with the 2 last remaining ones: LR and TT 3laps! Apart from that he was able to improve 12 more PRs! That's a pretty big 2.3 AF points cut and he tied Luke for the 19th non-sc AF rank. Huge congratz Dan!
#33 (33) Mike Simmons played some RRy flap and DK 3lap. On DK he was able to pull of his 22nd GOD time in non-sc! Mike cut 0.6 points and is close to the TOP30. If he can do this, I will be outside the TOP30 for the first time in almost 2 years. Time to make a comeback...
#63 (64) Beck Abney improved 21 PRs and got 4 new GOD times in the progress! Beck is still struggling to get rid of his last King time on WS 3lap, but he will eventually do that soon. His progress is really incredible! He cut 9.2 Points and passed 10 players. That's a lot for that rank.
#67 (67) Jake Walter improved his WS flap and BB 3lap and cut 0.4 AF points. Unfortunately he got passed by Beck, so he lost a spot to him. #68 (69) Noah Gordon was able to hold his spot, with 2 PRs on KD and SL 3laps. Both times are TOP80 and are ranked Legend D and Legend B. Noah cut 0.7 AF points and in the WRL he was able to pass David Schiering.
#95 (95) Michael Arends rejoined the TOP100 this half! With 7 new records he was able to cut over 11 AF points! Michael got a few nice times, his biggest cut was the TT 3lap which went from 156th to 63rd and Legend C. He also achieved the double GOD on YV which puts his non-sc GOD count to 5. Michael is really close to the next rank promotion so he should keep the activity up!
#98 (98) Sean Sullivan improved his BC 3lap and improved 8 ranks in this chart. Sadly he didn't cut any AF due to Michaels progress.
#103 (104) Matthew Little improved his WS flap and almost got a new Legend time here. He maintained his rank as the cut wasn't too big.
#128 (12) Dan Tarr improved his MMF flap and got his very first GOD time here! Dan passed 2 players and is close to the TOP125.
#167 (165) Lachlan YOung improved TT and SL dual and got some nice cuts, improving all 4 times into the lower half of the TOP200. His SL was even a Legend time! Lachlan passed 8 players and is very close to the King C rank!
#176 (179) Andrew Weatherton got a huge load of new records! 17 to be exact, and all of them cut a good amount of AF. Andrew improved 3 Elite times to King ones and improved his ARR to King D. In AF, he passed 16 players with a 17.5 AF point cut.
#197 (198) Kyle Begley improved 14 PRs, 4 of them are new King times. Kyle reached the King F status this half, making him the 204th player to do so! In AF he passed 8 players and reached the TOP200!
#270 (273) Trent Morgan got 11 new records Mainly on the Special Cup. His times are ranged from 340th to 260th, so pretty balanced for his level. Trent improved a few Pro times to Masters and passed 16 people in the AF charts.
#339 (342) Ryan Dunlap got 5 new records on LR 3lap, TT dual, CM and DK flap. He cut 7 AF points and passed 6 players.
#349 (353) Corey Attard got 6 new records and cut 15 AF points with it. He passed 16 players and reached the Master D standard!
#445 (454) Andreas Poll got 25 new records this half. A few nice PRs, especially his MR flap, which is his first Elite time! Andreas cut 67 AF points to pass 83 players!
#447 (456) Josiah Collins passed 1 palyer with 3 PRs. They were on WS 3lap and MMF dual. He erased 2 Expert times with his new PRs and also reached the Semi Pro C status this half!
#454 (462) Tony Fan got a new RRy 3lap time and improved it by 0"3 more seconds, now ranked 156th.
#548 (561) Julian Utz got 13 new records and got a nice 53 AF points cut. He passed 72 players and reached the TOP600. On top of that he was able to leave the Advanced ranks and join the Expert ranks!

SC Movement

The highest SC player this time was #13 (13) Mike Simmons. He improved his MR times and came close on the 3lap to reach a new GOD. His flap went down by a small margin. 0"02 seconds, but it was enough to cut 2 ranks on this chart. Mike passed no one but he is only 0.8 AF points away from #12.
#14 (14) Jake Walter made a nice jump this half from 18 to 14th, passing 4 players with 4 new records. The biggest cut came from FS flap, which he improved by 0"15 seconds and jumped from 32nd to 12th! Jake cut 1.6 AF points this half, and his ARR dropped by 0.15 points.
#19 (20) Matthew Little got 3 new records. He was able to cut 1.3 AF points and pass 2 players. His biggest PR was on TT flap, which went from 48th to 34th and from Leg F to Leg C.
#21 (22) Noah Gordon played a bit TT flap this half, but he lost a rank to Matthew unfortunately.
#51 (55) Beck Abney improved CM 3lap, MR flap and WS Dual. His WS times are not TOP100 yet, but that will probably change soon. His CM 3lap is a new TOP100 though. Beck passed 2 players with a 2 AF points cut.
#74 (72) Michael Arends sent us times for CM. Both of them aren't too strong, but they helped him to fill his timeset and cut 5.3 AF points plus pass 5 players!
#181 (199) Julian Utz improved 9 records and passed 15 players with a nice 6 AF points cut.
#299 (245) Daniel Burbank tried his hand on RRd flap aswell this half and was able to hit it. He cut 12 AF points alone with it and reached the TOP250 with ease!

Older news can be viewed in the news archives